Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dreams of a lost childhood...

Had been struck down by an irritating viral the whole of last week, good excuse to sleep a lot without feeling too guilty. In IIMB if you sleep more than 6 hours a day it's considered to be a crime of the second order and people tend to shun you ;)

In one of those prescribed drugs induced slumber sessions, I had this rather weird dream where I am walking with my mom and this is a much younger me, 7-8 years old, walking down one of those many tree lined roads of Besant Nagar and all of a sudden a crocodile is coming running down the road. The next thing I know I am hiding in some house, do not know which house this is. I rush out, and my mom and dad are in our car and they pick me up. They seem to be returning from Grand Sweets and Snacks. It's almost an iconic institution in Adyar area of Chennai and they make... Sweets and Snacks!

So I go back home and my bro is there... the little fella and we sit at home and eat the stuff from Grand Sweets.

Its not a great dream, but I woke up to the reality that my childhood will never return. I am never ever going to be 7 again and sit with my 3 and a half year old brother and eat snacks... eat anything for that matter!

I wish I had done more with my childhood. Wish I had lied more and got out of tuition more often to go out and play. Tuition was a lark. Imagine studying a language, Hindi, for 10 years in school and nearly 7 years of tuition and still not be able to piece together a decent sentence in Hindi. Tuition was not one of those things I really miss about childhood. I miss being able to ask my dad to get me something everytime he went on a tour. I am hardly at home these days, wish I get to talk to my dad more often once I am finished with IIMB.

It used to be fun to hope and pray for a holiday everytime it rained! Playing Rugby with stuffed toys that people mistakenly gave my bro thinking he was a girl ;) Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration, he did look like a girl but the gifts were given more out of laziness I guess.

I miss making orange squash and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Munching on Potato chips and imagining I am Leonardo, the leader. I should probably add that to my resume point here. That I always was Leonardo, the leader, when we pretended to be Ninja turtles.

Hating girls and thinking up of new ways to insult them. Ruining all those girly games they had with new lyrics praising the superiority of boys. The whole hey pillar, caterpillar, lazy girls, active boys... I am not sure how that one ended though... ooh aah ouch or something like that.

Getting into fights and having this almost foolish pride about having achieved something if I could inflict a few more scratches on the opponent... who was big and very very strong ;)

Playing cricket, watching cricket, movies, lazy summer vacations, cricket camps... wish I had done more with my childhood. Not much of naughtiness, hardly any mischief, a shy and quiet kid who had the weirdest fascination for crocodiles!