Monday, 26 July 2010

How to cope with betrayal - Criminal's PoV

Disclaimer - Not one of those posts I am particularly proud of, lousy, boring, mundane, vague read. So if you are totally jobless, I recommend -

Life, ideally, should not always go according to plans. It should not be this awesomely scripted piece of fiction playing out as reality with you knowing what exactly comes next. Ever so often, some event will come along that will provide a different perspective of how your life will be unfolding... it may be just a course correction, a small diversion or a major accident and no matter what the magnitude is - you still need to come out of it, at the very least, living!

Ok, now that the standard useless intro is done with... Oh yeah, PoV stands for Point of View shot, that camera angle that shows the audience what the protagonist of that particular scene is seeing. In this case, the orchestrator of the betrayal, the one who breaks faith, trust and in the worst case, hearts as well!

Hard-nosed criminals can stop reading from now. This is not about you! Maybe a later post sometime in 20 yrs might have some expertise on corporate crimes of the illegal kind.

What should the perpetrator do post betrayal, if he/she really cares for the victim? If the betrayal is just a speed bump or a 'take diversion' road blockade and life, for the vicitm and the guilty, just takes another path. Can/should the perpetrator risk it and take a parallel road and keep up with the victim or should the miscreant ( is opened up on another tab) just take a whole another road and try to avoid the victim?

My two pennies worth - If the intentions of the perpetrator is good than the parallel lane may not be such a bad ride. Now here's where the grey filter is added to the scene. Who decides the goodness of the intentions? What's the cut-off for it to be classified as good? I have not yet got clarity on that one! Nothing like a shade of grey to colour up your life.

If the intentions are bad tilting towards evil, then just run away! No questions asked, no efforts made... you are guilty of a crime of the worst nature! Selfish betrayal of someone who trusted you more than most, if not all!

Yet to figure out which slot I fit into! Hmmm, now off to find some tea!