Monday, 11 August 2008

Another year of existence...

Washing underwear and toasting bread... that's how I rang in my new year of existence. Not quite the thinking man's favourite pastimes but the 2 activities did give me time to look back at the year that was. Nothing like toasting to get you reminiscing.

Year 24 was the year I took up my first job, it was also the year I had my first job shift. A year that saw me, surprisingly, being rather strong through losses and a year that got me a few treasured gains. New friendships formed and old friendships grew stronger. Some relationships forayed new paths, pleasantly surprising me.

The year began with a lot of promise, in a new job... and the year ended with me living alone in a new city, in another job, with misplaced pride in facial hair and ending where it began... with a lot of promise.

Living by yourself and surviving does give you a sense of satisfaction, of course its a lot easier when you are surrounded by good people. Its also nice in a way to have something to miss and when you are away from family and friends you tend to have something to miss.

Regrets... there were many. To learn from regrets and to not repeat them will be a challenge for the coming year because year 25 has begun, and it promises to be filled with the only constant in life - change!

To the coming year, with all its challenges, with all the defeats that will make all the victories mean that much more, with all its joys and all its separations, I stand awaiting.

Getting fodder for this blog is the first challenge!